Transcript: claims to have over a million and a half profiles of kinky people all over the world. However, supposedly to prevent the site from becoming a so-called “meat market,” FetLife doesn’t provide a search interface to find profiles by age, sex, location, or many of the ways many other websites do. Nevertheless, FetLife does collect and display this information in a way that makes it trivial for many people with even a modicum of programming knowledge to use for age, sex, or location-based profile searches.

Now, that fact belies a deceitful double-speak on FetLife’s part: by not providing an interface to do something that they enable, FetLife keeps most of its users FEELING safe, even though they’re not. In fact, they even say their “number one priority is to create a fun and safe place for kinksters[…]to call home here on the interwebs.”

The fact of the matter is they do almost nothing to keep FetLife safe.

In this video, I’ll show you how to install and use the FetLife Age/Sex/Location Search user script to enable age, sex, location, or role-based profile searches on

Now, you’ll need the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. If you don’t already have it, you can download it from You’ll also need to install the Greasemonkey add-on. Get that from

Once it’s installed, visit and click on the “FetLife Age/Sex/Location Search” link. (That’s currently the first one in the list.) And then, scroll down a little ways, and click on the “Download and install FetLife Age/Sex/Location Search" near the middle of the page.

Greasemonkey will prompt you to install the script; click “Install” to finish the installation.

Once the FetLife Age/Sex/Location Search script is installed, login to your FetLife account and your FetLife pages will include an “A/S/L?” checkbox in the site-wide navigation bar, near the top of the screen. Click it to activate the FetLife ASL Search interface.

You’re given options to find ‘kinksters’ based on their gender or sex, their age—we’ll put in a minimum of 28 years and a maximum of 40 years old, here—and their role. You can also search by location by selecting whether you’d like to find people in your city, your state, or your country.

When you’ve selected the options you’d like to search by, click the “Mine! (I mean, uh, search…)” button. The button will be replaced with a progress bar showing how many pages have been searched for your kinky match. When a match is found, you’re given the option to send them a message and continue your search.

To start a new search, all you have to do is reload the page.

Now, many men are quick to wonder why the script lets them search for someone who reports to be “male” but not someone who reports to be “female.” Because those men can go fuck themselves, that’s why.

The code for FetLife Age/Sex/Location Search is public domain. Feel free to send me patches for improvements using GitHub.

If you like this script, please share it with your friends, tweet your appreciation, and link to it from your FetLife profiles.

If you DON’T like this script, please vote for Scootah’s “It’s not a meat market” suggestion to improve FetLife by implementing actual anti-spam, pro-privacy features and policies on, rather than the bullshit shittacular and dishonest double-speaking lies FetLife has so earnestly been feeding its over one and a half million users to date.

And also, please be careful on FetLife. To learn how to stay safe on FetLife and why it’s important, please go to