Free FetLife Proxy lets you browse FetLife without needing to log in

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Thank you, Amy, for adding to this conversation.

As per your good (and arguable) point, here are links offering:

There are actually even more links discussing the issue, but whenever I put many links in a post I get accused of being a “blog whore”, on top of getting ignored. So, for context, here’s why those links were omitted from the post before. (Frozen.)


So this post has been making the rounds, and some information has been missing from the dialogue. This is a known security issue that has been brought up to and unaddressed by FetLife administrators, and has already been taken advantage of before this. There are apparently a lot of security issues with FetLife, and numerous other problems that have gone ignored. This was an (IMO successful) attempt to get people finally pay attention. So keep that in mind next time you use FetLife–your information is not secure, and wasn’t secure even before this proxy was made.


Every single page on now has a publicly visible mirror. A simple URL substitution pattern can be used to make an arbitrary FetLife page visible to everyone.

So, for example, to see the events page, ordinarily at:

Simply point your browser to:

This works on any arbitrary content within FetLife, as well. For instance, to view the group post at:

Simply point your browser to:

See the pattern?

If you’re savvy, you can download the code and run a copy of this proxy on your own website, too.


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